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 Software Features

Comprehensive Instructions supported in FlexiLogics®:

Native Ladder Instructions -
Some of the supported Instructions in FlexiLogics® are listed below :
1. Math
Instructions such as ADD, Subtract, Multiply and Divide. These instructions could be Single word or Double word, signed or unsigned format.

2. Data compare
Instructions such as Less than, Greater than, Equal to, Less than or Equal to, Greater than or Equal to etc. are supported.

3. Data Transfer Instructions
Data transfer instruction supports word and double word operands, Multiplexer / demultiplexer instructions.

4. Data conversion
Data conversion such as hex to ASCII, ASCII to hex, Binary, BCD, 2's Compliment, 7 segment etc. are possible.

5. Shift / Rotate
Rotate left, Rotate Right, Shift Left, Shift Right for word / double word.

6. I/O Instructions
Normally Open / Normally Closed contacts, positive pulse contact, negative pulse contact, Leading / Falling edge etc. are implemented.

7. Immediate I/O instruction
This instruction can be used to sample instantaneous physical inputs and outputs in PLC ladder.

8. Set / Reset
Coil / Bit / Register Set / Reset Instructions are supported.

9. Program Control
FlexiLogics® also support subroutine call, MCS / MCR, JCS / JCR, Enable / Disable Interrupts and step sequence instructions.

10. Functions
The function instructions like Moving average, Digital filter, Function generator, PID , Encode / Decode, Min / Max / Average
Value, Lower / Upper Limit, Flip Flop are also supported.

11. High speed input and PWM Output
FlexiLogics® base module supports 2 high speed inputs up-to 200KHz. User can define 2 inputs of the base module (IP1 and IP3) for High speed application. The base module also supports PWM output up-to 100KHz.

Some of the supported IEC 61131-3 instructions are listed below:

1. Advanced
Instructions such as Alarm_A, Alarm_M, Average, Derivate, Hyster ,RAMP etc. are supported.

2. Arithmetic
Instructions such as Multiply .Divide, Addition Substraction, MOD etc .are supported.

3. Booleans
Boolean And, F_TRIG, OR, FlipFlop, R_TRIG, XOR etc .are supported.

4. Comparisons
Less than ,Less or equal, Is not equal ,Greater than etc. are supported.

5. Conversions
Conversions such as Any to bool, Any to dint, Any to int ,Any to real etc. are possible.

6. Counters
CTD(Down Counter) ,CTU(UP Counter), TUD(Up-Down Counter), CTDr(Down counter with rising edge detection) ,CTUDr(UP/DOWN counter with rising edge detection) are supported.

7. Maths
Abs, modR , root trunc.

8. Miscellaneous
ActiveRTSwitch, EnableEvents are supported instructions.

9. PID
PID instruction is supported.

10. Registers
And_mask, Hibyte, Hiword, Lobyte etc.

11. Selectors

12. Standard
Instructions such as 1, DEC, INC, Neg etc are supported.

13. Timers
Blink, PLS, TMD, TMU, TOF, TON etc. instructions are supported

14. Strings
Instructions such as ASCII, CONCAT, AtoH, Char, Mlen etc. are supported.

PLC Configuration Software
PLC Software
PLC Software
PLC Software
PLC Software
System requirements for FlexiSoft® Software are -
Windows Version :   Microsoft Windows® 2000 or above
Processor :   266 MHz PENTIUM or higher
Mouse :   Required
RAM :   64 MB or more
Display resolution :   800 x 600 (VGA) or better
Display colors :   256 colors minimum
Serial Port :   1 serial port for FlexiPanels®programming
USB Port :   1 USB port (Host) for FlexiPanels®programming
Keyboard :   Required