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 Key Features
The FL100 support standard Programmable Logic Controller features. The user can implement logic, specific to application using standard Ladder programming. A PLC logic block can be executed at power up, during every scan, upon a timer interrupt.

Supported Tasks include:
Write value to Tag
Add a constant value to Tag
Subtract a constant value form Tag
Add Tag B to Tag A
Subtract Tag B to Tag A
Turn Bit On
Turn Bit Off
Toggle Bit
Copy Tag B to Tag A
Swap Tag A and Tag B

The FL100 possess powerful programmable logic features. User can implement logic, specific to application using standard Ladder programming. Some of the Key features are as mentioned below :

Expansion module (Digital and Analog)
FL100 can be expanded using modular I/O modules. These modular I/O are Digital and Analog type. User can use Digital / Analog or combination of both. Various combination of Digital expansion modules are available. User can have up to 4 universal analog inputs and 2 analog outputs or 8 analog inputs. Analog inputs are mA, mV, 0-10 VDC, RTD and TC. The Analog outputs are 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC. User can select appropriate I/O module depending on the application.

The PLC is designed to have up-to 2 serial and 1 USB communication ports. Serial ports can be defined as Modbus RTU (Master or Slave) or can be connected to various third party devices such as PLCs, Drives, PID Controllers, SCADA etc. Most industry standard protocols are supported. The USB port is used for programming and monitoring the PLC.

Ethernet Port
FL100 supports Ethernet port. It can be used to connect to a PLC and monitor machine / process status from remote location. The Ethernet port can also be used for remote programming of FL100.

USB Ports
It has one USB (Device) port. The USB port can be used as a programming port
or for logic monitoring. The unit also has one USB (Host) port. The USB Host port can be used to connect a memory drive.

Web Server
FL100 supports web server functionality. It can be used to monitor and control from remote locations. Following are the features of the web server:
i) User can create up to 100 Web screens in a project.
ii) User can use up to 100 tags in a Web screen.
iii) Up-to 10 users can make active connection with web server at any instance.
iv) Fast data refresh (1 sec)
v) Supports Data Entry, Data Display, Images, Multilingual text and Navigation buttons.

FL100 Functionality
Some of the supported Instructions in FL100 are listed below :
1. Math
Instructions such as ADD, Subtract, Multiply and Divide. These instructions
could be Single word or Double word, signed or unsigned format.

2. Data compare
Instructions such as Less than, Greater than, Equal to, Less than or Equal to,
Greater than or Equal to etc. are supported.

3. Data Transfer Instructions
Data transfer instruction supports word and double word operands,
Multiplexer / demultiplexer instructions.

4. Data conversion
Data conversion such as hex to ASCII, ASCII to hex, Binary, BCD, 2's Compliment, 7 segment etc. are possible.

5. Shift / Rotate
Rotate left, Rotate Right, Shift Left, Shift Right for word / double word.

6. I/O Instructions
Normally Open / Normally Closed contacts, positive pulse contact,
negative pulse contact, Leading / Falling edge etc. are implemented.

7. Immediate I/O instruction
This instruction can be used to sample instantaneous physical inputs and outputs
in PLC ladder.

8. Set / Reset
Coil / Bit / Register Set / Reset Instructions are supported.

9. Program Control
FL100 also support subroutine call, MCS / MCR, JCS / JCR, Enable / Disable Interrupts and step sequence instructions.

10. Functions
The function instructions like Moving average, Digital filter, Function generator, PID , Encode / Decode, Min / Max / Average Value, Lower / Upper Limit, Flip Flop are also supported.

Comprehensive Instructions supported in FL100 :

 I/O Instructions
NO contact
NC contact
Falling Edge
Rising Edge
Inverter Coil
Positive Pulse Contact
Negative Pulse Contact
Positive pulse coil
Negative Pulse Coil    
 Data Transfer
MOV word
Invert Transfer
Table Initialize
Table Block Transfer
Table Invert Transfer
Data Exchange
Addition with Carry
Subtraction with Carry
Greater than
Greater than or equal
Not Equal
Less Than
Less than or Equal
 Data Conversion
Hex to Ascii
Ascii to Hex
Absolute Value
7 segment decode
Ascii conversion
Binary Conversion
BCD conversion
2's complement word
2's complement Double word
Up counter
UP Down Counter
Program Control
Subroutine CALL
Subroutine RET
Master Control Set
Master Control Reset
Jump Control Set
Jump Control Reset
En Intr
Dis Intr
Step sequence Init
Step sequence Input
Step sequence output
Moving Average
Digital Filter
Upper limit
Lower limit
Maximum Value
Minimum Value
Average Value
Function generator
Device Set
Device Reset
Register Set
Register Reset
Set Carry
Reset Carry
Encode Decode
Bit Count
Flip Flop
Direct I/O
Set Calender
Calender Operation

Configuration Software
FlexiSoft®is a compact, Windows® based software to configure the PLC.
Following image from FlexiSoft®shows the snap shot of ladder configuration window:

System requirements for FlexiSoft® Software are -
Windows Version :   Microsoft Windows® 2000 or above
Processor :   266 MHz PENTIUM or higher
Mouse :   Required
RAM :   64 MB or more
Display resolution :   800 x 600 (VGA) or better
Display colors :   256 colors minimum
Serial Port :   1 serial port for FlexiPanels®programming
USB Port :   1 USB port (Host) for FlexiPanels®programming
Keyboard :   Required