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Drivers Supported
Control Method Stored program cyclic scan system
I/O Processing Batch I/O update(refresh) and Direct I/O access
I/O Points Expansion I/O: Up to 16 I/O modules,
Expandable up to 256 points
Programming Language Ladder diagram / IEC 61131-3
Program Capacity 5120K Steps

Program: Flash Type

Execution Speed 20.43 ns /contact
81.72 ns /coil
127.12 ns / 16-bit transfer
124.85 ns /16-bit signed addition
User Data Timer Registers
Counter Registers
System Registers
Internal Registers
Data Registers
Input Registers
Output Registers
Configuration Registers
Configuration Coils
System Coils
Internal Coils
Timer Coils
Counter Coils
Retentive Registers
256 Words (R/W)
256 Words (R/W)
256 Words (R/W)
256 Words (R/W)
4096 Words (R/W)
400 Words (Max) (R)
400 Words (Max)
1600 Words (Max)
25600 Points (Max)
100 Points (R/W)
4096 Points (R/W)
256 Points
256 Points
1400 Words
Clock-Calendar Year, month, day, hour, minute, second, &
day of the week
Timer 256 timers T0000 to T0255
T0000 to T0060: 10ms
T0061 to T0190: 100ms
T0191 to T0255: 1s
Communication Interface

1 Port of RS232/RS485 on RJ45
1 Port with 2-wire RS 485 on Terminal Block
1 USB Port for Programming and monitoring (Device)
1 USB (host) port to connect USB memory drive
1 Ethernet port to connect PLC / Programming Port

Power Supply DC powered units - 24VDC (+/-15%)
Temperature -20 to 60º C (operating), -20 to 85º C (storage)
Humidity  10 to 90 % non condensing
Vibration immunity IEC60068-2-6
Shock immunity IEC60068-2-27
Dimensions (mm) 100mm(H) X 36mm(W) X 70mm(D)
Isolation Isolation between communication ports, power
and I/O is 500 V DC for 1 Min.
Immunity to ESD as per IEC61000-4-2
Immunity to Fast Transients as per IEC61000-4-4
Immunity to Radiated electromagnetic field as per IEC61000-4-3
Immunity to Conducted disturbances as per IEC61000-4-6
Surge as per IEC61000-4-5
Radiated emission as per EN55011
Hardware Specifications
Processor 32 bit RISC Processor
Power Supply Input Voltage 24VDC
Tolerance ±15%
Reverse polarity
Communication ports

2 Serial ports COM1 :
RS232/ RS422/RS485 2 and 4 wire.
RJ45 Connector
COM2 :
2 Wire RS485.
4 pin PBT connector
1 Ethernet port 10/100 Mbps
1 USB HOST port For connecting USB Memory Drive
1 USB Device port For Upload, Download and monitoring
1 Expansion Connection Slot 16 expansion modules / 256 I/O points
Switches PLC mode Control Switch RUN/HALT
Memory User Application 22MB
Ladder 30MB
Retentive 1400 words
Keep memory Area 1000 words
RTC Type External
Operating temperature
-20 to 60º C
Storage temperature
-20 to 85º C
10% to 90% (non condensing)
Approvals CE, UL (Class 1 Div 2), RoHS
Functional Specifications
Communication 2 serial ports COM1 :
2 and 4 wire.
Upload, Download, Monitoring and
Serial communication
COM2 : 2 Wire RS485 2 Wire RS485 Communication
1 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps Upload, Download, Monitoring and Ethernet communication
1 USB HOST port All Standard Brand's USB Sticks Upload, Download
1 USB Device   Upload, Download and Monitoring
Expansion SPI 16 Slots
(All FL Expansions)
Multinode Serial : 32 nodes
Ethernet : 256 nodes
Digital I/O Specifications
Expansion I/O Capacity
16 expansion modules
Expansion Bus
Turn ON time
10 msec
Turn OFF time 10 msec
Analog I/O Specifications

For mVolt inputs

Uses 0-100 mV input range resolved in 16 bits.
Total error max : ± 0.2% of scale ±1 LSB.
For Current inputs
Uses 0-20mA input range is resolved in 16 bits.
Total error max : ± 0.2% of scale ±1 LSB.
For Volt inputs
Uses 0-10V input range resolved in 16 bits.
Total error max : ± 0.2% of scale ± 1 LSB.

For RTD input (Pt100/ Pt1000)

Uses 3 wire compensation technique.
Excitation Current is 0.1mA.
Power dissipated in RTD is 0.025mW max @ 100 W
Range supported : -200 to 850oC.
For Thermocouple Input
Uses 0-100mV input range resolved into 16 bits.
Cold junction error is 1o maximum and 0.5o typical.
Total error max : 0.5% of scale ± 1 bit + CJC error
Temperature Drift for Input and Output : 60 PPM max
Input Type Temperature Range 1 bit Corresponds to
J -210 to 1200º C 0.035º C
K -200 to 1373º C 0.049º C
E -200 to 1000º C 0.027º C
R -50 to 1769º C 0.16º C
S -50 to 1769º C 0.18º C
B 0 to 1820º C 0.25º C
N -200 to 1300º C 0.056º C
T -200 to 400º C 0.043º C

Analog Outputs
Resolution 16 Bit
4-20 mA 
0-10 V DC  

Less than 500
Minimum 1K