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The FlexiPanels® support Operator interface features. The user can also implement logic, specific to application using standard Ladder programming. A PLC logic block can be executed at power up, during every scan or upon a timer interrupt. The FlexiPanels® operator interface functions revolve around Screens and Tasks that can be assigned to screens and application.

Integrated Digital I/O
FP4030MR-L1208R model can have up-to 12 digital Inputs integrated to the unit. Digital inputs are high impedance 24 VDC. The unit can also have up-to 08 digital outputs. Outputs are 06 relays + 02 transistor outputs (NPN).

Pluggable I/O (Digital)
FlexiPanels® have facility to support I/O using pluggable I/O modules. The I/O modules can be selected based on the application requirement. Each high speed I/O module can support 4 nos. of high speed inputs of 25KHz. Quadrature input of up-to 20KHz is also supported. Each high speed I/O Module can support 1 quadrature input of 20KHz or 2 quadrature inputs of 5KHz. Each high speed I/O Module can support up-to 2 PWM outputs of 10KHz. Up-to 3 I/O modules can be connected to FP4030MR-E model.

Analog I/O
FP4030MR-E supports pluggable Analog I/O Modules. FlexiPanels® can have up-to 24 Analog inputs and / or 6 Analog outputs. The Analog inputs are 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC,4-20 mA, mV, TC, RTD, - 10 to + 10 VDC and Analog outputs are 4-20mA / 0-10VDC. User can Plug only Analog I/O modules or use them in combination with Digital I/O.

Function Keys
FlexiPanels HMIs are available with function keys and Numerical keypad for easy data entry. The Function keys also have built-in LEDs. These function keys are screen dependent Function Keys. User can assign any application related task / actions to these function keys.

Real time and historical Alarms can be defined in FlexiPanels®. User-friendly Alarm object can be defined on the display. Alarms can be real time or historical. Keys can be assigned to acknowledge Alarm, view and scroll.

Recipes data is stored in the FlexiPanels® memory. With one button stroke, a set of data can be downloaded to the PLC. Once in the local memory, the recipes data can be edited using simple data entry objects.

Bitmaps / Wizards
Different bitmaps can be embedded on the FlexiPanels® screen (Graphical Model). Bitmaps can be imported into the application and displayed on the FlexiPanels® screens. In addition, several wizards are supported to create commonly used objects such as Analog meters, Lamps, Buttons and Bar graphs.

Ladder Support
FlexiPanels® support ladder functionality. User can define logic in the unit using FlexiSoft® software. The execution of ladder could be through communication port or through I/O. Only HMI version of FlexiPanels® also support ladder functionality. It is used for critical applications where data is processed before sending it to controller. The FlexiLogics® support following different types of instructions :

 I/O Instructions
NO contact
NC contact
Falling Edge
Rising Edge
Inverter Coil
Positive Pulse Contact
Negative Pulse Contact
Positive pulse coil
Negative Pulse Coil
 Data Transfer
MOV word
Invert Transfer
Table Initialize
Table Block Transfer
Table Invert Transfer
Data Exchange
Addition with Carry
Subtraction with Carry
Greater than
Greater than or equal
Not Equal
Less Than
Less than or Equal
 Data Conversion
Hex to Ascii
Ascii to Hex
Absolute Value
7 segment decode
Ascii conversion
Binary Conversion
BCD conversion
2's complement word
2's complement Double word
Up counter
UP Down Counter
Program Control
Subroutine CALL
Subroutine RET
Master Control Set
Master Control Reset
Jump Control Set
Jump Control Reset
En Intr
Dis Intr
Step sequence Init
Step sequence Input
Step sequence output
Moving Average
Digital Filter
Upper limit
Lower limit
Maximum Value
Minimum Value
Average Value
Function generator
Device Set
Device Reset
Register Set
Register Reset
Set Carry
Reset Carry
Encode Decode
Bit Count
Flip Flop
Direct I/O
Set Calender
Calender Operation

The execution of ladder logic is in microseconds. Ladder monitoring for debugging
is also supported in FlexiPanels® configuration software.

Multilanguage / Unicode Support
All the languages are supported in the FlexiPanels® (Graphical Model). The user can now display messages, alarms in any regional / local language. All Windows® fonts can also be used for text in an application.

Communication Ports
Function Keys based FlexiPanels® have one serial communication port. The serial port can be used for programming of FlexiPanels®, printing screens (alphanumeric data), connecting to third party serial devices (barcode readers, temp scanners etc.) or to connect to a PLC or drive. User can configure serial port for RS232 or RS485 communication.

Configuration Software
FlexiSoft® is a compact, Windows® based software to configure the FlexiPanels® units. User friendly configuration tools and easy approach, helps user create applications quickly and easily.

To get started with FlexiPanels®, user needs:
1. FlexiPanels®unit
2. FlexiSoft®Software
3. USB Programming cable (Part no. PC-USBAB-00)

OS requirements for FlexiSoft® are:
Windows Version : Microsoft Windows® 2000 or above

Supported Printers
FlexiPanels support following Dot matrix serial printers: