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FlexiPanels Touch Screen Series
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Power  + 24V DC ±15%
 FP4030MT - 3 W Max
 FP4035     - 3 W Max
 FP5043     - 5 W Max
 FP4057     - 7 W Max
 FP5070     - 9 W Max
 FP5121     - 16 W Max
Bezel  IP66 rated Touch Screen
Operating Temperature  0o to 50oC
Storage Temperature  -20o to 80oC
Humidity  10% to 85% (Non condensing)
Communication Port  One / Two Serial Ports**
 (RS232 / RS422 / RS485 levels supported)
USB Device Port  As programming and monitoring port
USB Host port  Supports USB Memory drive
Ethernet Port  For connecting to a PLC, programming of  FlexiPanels®, a third party device, Drive or  remote monitoring (10 / 100 MBPS).
Type of LCD  Multicolor backlight / TFT Color Touch Screen
Supported Colors  32K for Color TFT LCD
Isolation  Isolation between communication and power
 ports is 500 V DC for 1 Min.
Immunity to ESD  as per IEC61000-4-2
Immunity to Fast Transients  as per IEC61000-4-4
Immunity to Radiated electromagnetic field  as per IEC61000-4-3
Immunity to Conducted disturbances  as per IEC61000-4-6
Surge  as per IEC61000-4-5
Radiated emission  as per EN55011
** One "D" type port that supports RS232 and RS485 levels on different pins. “Y” type cable can be used for separate RS232 and RS485 levels simultaneously.