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Gateway Series Overview
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HART Interface Multiplexer
HART™ Interface Multiplexer
 HRM0800 Features
Two Ethernet Switch Ports
The HRM0800 is equipped with two Shielded Ethernet Switch ports, used to daisy chain multiple modules.
4-20mA Pass-Through
The 4-20mA signals for each channel are accessible via the HE10 connector.
Various ‘quick connect’ cables are available for easy connection to PLC analog
input/output modules.
Built-in Filters and Resistor Terminations
The HRM0800 has three sets of 8 ‘dip switches’. Each channel has one ‘dip switch’ assigned from each of the sets. The first switch is used to provide internal 250 Ohms resistor loop impedance when the PLC analog input does not provide it. The second switch is used to enable the filtering of the HART information when a “smart” valve is used. The third switch is to close the current loop when the module is used without an analog I/O card.
DC to DC Converter
The HRM0800 has two 24 VDC power inputs; both can be supplied with one source. The first 24VDC input is used to supply HRM0800 and the second 24Vdc supply input is re-distributed to supply the ‘loop current’ for each channel. The supply of each channel is isolated using a DC to DC converter. The DC to DC converter can deliver 1 Watts to the connected load.
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