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 GWY-501 Profibus Option Card for Toshiba S11 VFD

Profibus Option Card allows Toshiba VF-S11 Inverter to act as Profibus DP- Slave on Profibus network. It connects on a control PCB of VF-S11 Inverter using 24pin connector and provides Profibus DP- Slave port [9 pin D Sub] along with the standard serial communication port [8 Pin RJ45 for Option Unit], Contact Input (F, R), Analog Input (VIA) , 24 VDC Power supply and CC [ 5 Pin Terminal Block]. It also provides relay Output (FLA, FLB, FLC) that can be assigned as fault output [3 Pin Terminal Block].

This Option Card communicates with the VF-S11 Inverter (Control Card) and fetches various parameters and makes them available on Profibus DP- Slave port. Control actions such as, RUN/STOP, Frequency Direction (FORWARD/REVERSE), Frequency Command, Emergency Off, Reset etc. can also be issued by Profibus master PLC or any Profibus master Device to VF-S11 Inverter through Profibus Option Card.

If user connects Toshiba Option Unit (eg. TYPE-FORM : RKP001Z-0) to standard serial communication port [8 Pin RJ45] while Profibus slave port is active, Processor on Option Card detects the Option Unit (Using CD line) and stop Profibus communication and allows Option Unit to communicate with the VFS11 Inverter. As soon as the Option unit is removed, Profibus communication is restored again.  

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